Vehicle upfitting Equipment

Kargo Master is now Holman. With a century’s worth of experience and an attentive approach that can’t be manufactured, Holman is the leading vehicle upfitting and manufacturing company in North America. We’ll deliver to your precise specifications whether you need a single van with ladder racks, shelving and storage or an entire fleet of fully equipped trucks and vans.

van packages

Holman Van Interior Packages take the guess work out of where to begin uplifting your cargo van. With our strong easily adjustable shelving, partitions and accessories, our van packages have everything you need to put your van to work. Our professional designers and product engineers have created customized van packages for specific service categories to help you easily outfit a van based on input from experienced industry tradesmen.


A cargo van shelving system is the perfect solution for maximizing your vehicle’s storage space. The steel construction and heavy-duty welded corners ensure that your shelves will keep their shape and stay secure regardless of how much you need to pack in. Plus, easily foldable sides make sure that you can fit even oddly shaped items without any hassle. The adjustable levels also allow you to customize the interior to accommodate whatever it is you’re carrying and make sure everything remains safe and secure during even the bumpiest journeys. Finally, with its superior protection, steel construction and adjustable safety features, the cargo van shelving system provides a simple and effective way to ensure your cargo always arrives without fail.


Shelving Units

Folding Shelving

Drawers & cabinets

Cargo van drawers provide the ultimate in organization and safety protection for any vehicle containing valuable objects or cargo. Whether steel or aluminum, they are welded together with adjustable steel bins, so your cargo stays secure no matter where you are driving. Locked storage drawers provide extra security and protect any cargo that cannot fit in the steel bins. The drawers also help maximize usable floor space and provide additional protection from theft around the vehicle, as well as reducing clutter in your van. With proper installation, customizable steel locks will ensure an optimum level of safety and convenience when utilizing your cargo van’s drawer system.

Small Parts bins

Locking Cabinets

Wire Reel Holder

Bin cabinets

Ladder Racks

Cargo van ladder racks can prove to be an invaluable asset for any business or individual transporting ladders or other long items on their vans. Many racks are made from steel and have welded joints for added strength and durability. A steel locking system adds peace of mind while essential items are stocked in cargo bins, secured on the floor, or mounted outside the vehicle. Similarly, adjustable vertical supports provide the necessary safety protection needed during transport. Although the installation of cargo van ladder racks could initially appear daunting, the assembly is actually quite straightforward. With a professional grade rack built to last and offer superior protection, it’s no wonder why so many loyal customers continue to come back year after year.