Adrian Steel is your cargo management solution for commercial vehicles. Small businesses to large fleets rely on Adrian Steel products every day, in a variety of working conditions and industries.

commercial van partitions

A partition is a barrier that separates the cargo area from the cab area and helps protect the occupants in the cab from shifting cargo when the vehicle is in operation. We recommend a partition for any commercial van that will be transporting heavy or loose cargo in the cargo area. Depending on what type of vehicle you have and your needs or preferences, you can choose from wire, steel, or composite partitions. All Adrian Steel partitions allow for full-seat travel so you get maximum leg room, and can be accessorized to increase your safety and productivity.

Composite Partitions

If you’re looking for a quieter, more enjoyable commute without sacrificing convenience or your well-being, then our composite partitions are the perfect fit. Featuring a one-piece construction and made of composite material, these partitions are designed to fit the contours of the vehicle for a tighter seal. The end result is a partition that provides you and your passengers with greater climate control, odor control and sound deadening for a more comfortable ride.

Sliding Partitions

Sliding Door Partitions improve driver efficiency without sacrificing driver safety. Eliminate 50% of the trips needed to access your cargo at every stop by simply walking through the partition. This will save you time by not having to get out of the van, walk around to the rear or side door to get back in the van to access what you need. This also reduces driver fatigue by not having to climb up and down while going in and out of the vehicle. Designed for Mid and High Roof vehicles.

Steel Partitions

The classic all-steel partitions are designed to fit your full-size or compact van securely. Choose between solid panels or perforated panels which allow air and heat into the cargo area. An optional door kit is available for those wanting to reduce exposure to the elements, or for those looking for quicker cargo access. For those who need it, an optional 3” setback mounting kit increases the backrest angle for added comfort. For safety purposes, mount emergency items like fire extinguishers, reflector kits and First Aid kits right to the partition itself. 

Wire Partitions

A full mesh wire partition provides maximum visibility and airflow. The recessed design allows for maximum adjustability of the front seats without restricting the storage space in the back of your work van. Adrian Steel’s wire partition is a lightweight and economical option. Only available for RAM ProMaster City, Transit Connect, and the Nissan NV200. Not recommended for those who will be carrying smaller items as they could pass through the wire mesh in the event of a sudden stop or accident.

Shelving options

Shelving units are a fundamental component in any upfit. Designed to support and contain your tools and consumables, our shelving lines come in a variety of widths, depths and heights to make sure you get the right shelving to accommodate the tools and consumables you use everyday. We will work with you to identify what you carry, how often you access each item, and recommend the right shelving to support your needs.

Deep Shelving

Enjoy more storage capacity without sacrificing aisle space with the increased shelf depth and contoured end panel design. You can safely contain wire and cable boxes, commercial storage cases, jobsite consumables, and more.

Adjustable Shelving

Tools, equipment and cargo come in all shapes and sizes. Adjustable shelving can be expanded or contracted with a screwdriver in a matter of minutes. Simply remove the front shelf bolts and move the shelf where you need it.

Folding Shelving

If you need to carry a variety of cargo or what you carry changes frequently, the folding shelf system will accommodate whatever your day might have in store for you. Lightweight and durable, they give you maximum payload capability without sacrificing quality.

Heavy Duty Shelving

The HD shelving units feature adjustable shelves with bolts in the front and the rear of the shelving unit. They have two 4” lip shelves that are ideal for keeping your cargo contained and off the floor. The top of the unit has a 2” shelf lip that is perfect for containing smaller, lighter items.

Welded Shelving

All-steel shelving featuring welded shelves, back panels, and end panels for an extra heavy-duty workload.

Drawers & cabinets

Drawers and cabinets conceal storage, allowing you to protect items you’d like to keep unseen, maximize storage space by eliminating dead space between shelves and increase the accessibility of cargo from outside your vehicle. Our variety of styles complement the tools and consumables you carry so you get the perfect fit for the things you use everyday.

Drawer Units

Drawer units can help eliminate bending, kneeling and straining to reach parts and tools by bringing them to you. Our drawer units can be added to our shelving units or stacked with other drawer units or modular components. These units can be arranged to your needs and specifications. Most units have drawer retention so they stay closed when the vehicle is in motion and are lockable to prevent theft.

Floor Drawers

Reduce climbing in and out of the van with full size drawers that pull out to bring your tools and consumables to you. These units can be stacked on top of one another to optimize your cargo storage capacity. An automotive grade lock protects expensive and fragile equipment from damage and theft. Add dividers for optimal organization and traction strips to the top of the aluminum floor drawer units to create a skid resistant surface.

Cabinets and Lockers

Contain and secure your personal belongings or expensive tools and consumables with our line of cabinets and lockers. Not only do these create a clean, professional look by tucking your cargo out of sight, but they’re available in a variety of heights, widths and depths to accommodate what you need to carry. Adjustable shelves allow you to build the unit exactly as you need it, and recessed door handles provide a clean, flat surface.

Bin cabinets

Instead of storing your small parts and tools in a 5-gallon bucket where they can get damaged or lost, our bin cabinets allow you to keep everything organized and contained in durable storage bins. Our bin cabinets have adjustable shelves so you can create different configurations of bins to fit your needs. The shelves allow you to access any bin you need to without moving the others. The bins are removable and stackable, allowing you to easily carry them to the jobsite or into the warehouse to refill.

Profile™ ladder racks

Ultra-low profile, aerodynamic construction is the ultimate lightweight & tough roof rack system. The clean, simple all-aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware, and durable powder-coat finish are built to withstand heavy use and ensure years of dependability. Designed to adapt to almost any vehicle, the unique modular design can be easily upgraded for specific utility use. This is a superior rack system for all your needs.


The base of the rack is made up of OEM-specific mounting feet and powder-coated aluminum crossbars with slide channels for easy accessory and add-on installation. These crossbars are the base for any rack option in the PROFILE™ Series.